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What is Cryogenics

Cryogenics is physics or engineering of low temperature. The temperature is below 150K (-123℃) and down to almost absolute zero. 

At such a low temperature, everything is calm and the vibration of molecules is quite small. Then you can see basic properties of molecule and nuclei using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) etc..

What happen at low temperature? Electrical resistance is very low and some material have no resistance, SUPERCONDUCTIVITY. Some metals will be very brittle and are broken like a glass.

Applications of superconductivity are high magnetic field magnets like MRI, NMR,  a high energy particle accelerator, a magnetic levitation train and cryoelectronics like SQUID, a Josephson computer and applications of high temperature superconductivity are a power cable, a motor, SMES, a current limiter and so on.

ColdTech our missions

To supply cryogenic engineering skills to our society.


To consult/support for development, design and fabrication of cryogenic system/equipment.


To make a plan for any research/experiment in cryogenics and to carry out the plan.


To give a lecture of cryogenics for researchers, engineers and students even for people interested in cryogenics.


To make a practical exercise course of cryogenics.


Is a sole agent of CRYODATA in Japan.


As an expert of Cryogenics

ColdTech is an expert and professional of Cryogenics.


He has been working in cryogenics for more than 48 years and developed so many systems and equipment such as:


* cryostat, 

* refrigeration system, 

* Control dewar for

      a particle accelerator,

* LHe/LN pump

* He/N2 liquefier,

* cryogen transfer system,

* cryocooler cooled 

     superconducting magnet

* dewar